About my Workshops

I’m open to international cooperation. I’d be delighted to run a training course, my original Workshop on the Joy of Living with Your Dog or participate in conferences promoting animal well-being. Write to me and we’ll sort out the details.

Workshop on the Joy of Living with Your Dog

The idea behind this workshop comes from my heart and was born as a result of observations and conclusions from working with dogs and their owners, as well as from my self-development journey. But most importantly, this concept was inspired by my intuition, which I follow every day. In my workshop, I would like to encourage you to do the same. I know that I write like that about every workshop, but this one will be truly magical. It’s not only because of the issues I’d like to address, but also due to the atmosphere that I’m going to create.

I’d like to invite you to join me for 4 days along with a few other people who want to look at their dogs and their behaviour from a completely different perspective. These will be people who want to learn to notice important information and guidelines for themselves and their self-development in their dogs. Dogs won’t be there with us because I want you to focus only on YOURSELF, a very important element of the dog and human relationship, and to fully acquire new knowledge and techniques which you’ll be able to implement on your own when you get back home. You’ll become a new person and a changed dog carer. Believe me, your dog will be grateful. I would like to invite OPEN people, who want to truly open up their hearts and who are ready to build an in-depth relationship with their dogs by building a relationship with
themselves. You don’t need any experience, the only requirement is to be open.

This workshop will take a few days and it’s addressed mainly to dog carers who:

  • want to awaken their intuition and base their lives with their dogs on the heart rather than the mind
  • want to open up to a different approach towards their dogs’ behaviour and look at it through the prism of their own emotions, fears and regret, get to know in-depth emotional interdependencies and heal deep down inside
  • want to awaken the childlike side of their personality and treat themselves and life less seriously, which is a very important component in changing the relationship with oneself and one’s dog
  • are open to activities, exercises and discussions which will enable them to see every aspect of their lives as an adventure, an opportunity for growth and making friends with themselves
  • are ready to open up to messages which their dogs want to communicate to them and are willing to use these messages to develop their potential and come into contact with their souls
  • want to learn how to introduce more BEING than DOING into their everyday relationships with their dogs (more heartfulness).

What issues and activities have I prepared for the workshop? I plan to:

  • discuss interdependence between our conscious and subconscious emotions and how they are reflected in our dogs’ behaviour
  • conduct exercises on looking into your inner self, which will help you find guidelines for yourself in your dog’s behaviour
  • organize Open Heart meditations to help you open up and start intuitively living with your dog and with yourself, as well as present other meditation techniques which you can do with your dog on your own
  • show you intuitive walking, which is an opportunity to open up to your body and your inner voice
  • organize earth and nature connection sessions
  • introduce you to the energetic side of Tellington TTouch – the trust touch and the Spiral Technique which you can use in everyday life
  • organize a lecture on hypnotherapy and help you come up with a text to be used in sessions with your dog at home to change its behaviour
  • introduce the Radical Forgiveness technique, so that you can see all the past wrongs in a new light and internally transform yourself,  forgive and move forward (the lecture will be given by Iwona Rybarczyk, a certified trainer specializing in this method)
  • let you express every suppressed emotion and release bodily tension during an intuitive dance session
  • discuss the techniques of befriending your “negative emotions” in the context of your dog’s
    behaviour and in other aspects of your life
  • address issues such as the role of acceptance, gratitude, using the findings of quantum physics to build your dream life, the power of being present “here and now”, working with your breathing, the power of intentions and much more!

What’s more:

  • I plan to run open discussions on developmental issues to learn from other participants’ knowledge and experience
  • I plan to mix lectures with fun activities and games, which will help you treat yourself less seriously and chill out in everyday life
  • I want to create an atmosphere in which we’ll all be able to get rid of the masks that society forces us to wear. I want us to be ourselves fully, for our own benefit and for the benefit of our dogs
  • I encourage you to stop using your phone for the duration of the workshop, so that you can make full use of this transformative time (optional)
  • I STRONGLY encourage you to bring colourful clothes, odd socks and crazy accessories, which will help you break away from your “serious” personality and get a new perspective on life and yourself
  • get ready for becoming familiar with a totally different perspective on dogs than the one which is promoted in most behavioural books and training courses.

In this workshop, EVERY emotion is welcome. We’ll laugh a lot, contemplate, calm down and maybe even cry. All reactions will be welcome and accepted. And most importantly, you will be accepted just as you are. Get ready for a close encounter with yourself to start changing your relationship with yourself. Only in this way can you make changes in your dog. About the organizer and trainer:

My name is Zuza Rybarczyk and my passion are, of course, dogs. Apart from that, I love experiencing life, experimenting and playing with it, as well as focusing on my spiritual development, which is a journey that I started 10 years ago. During that time, I have drawn a lot of conclusions and made plenty of valuable observations which I want to share with other people. Following my heart and intuition, at some point I decided to combine all these passions, which has led for example to the creation of my own workshop. My goal is to show people how to change their dogs’ behaviour by changing themselves.

I also want to help others see a deeper meaning in the messages they get from their dogs. All of the above is based on techniques which enable you open up to a life with your dog that is based on following your heart. I travel around the world to learn the methods of working with dogs which include body work, meditation, befriending your “negative” emotions, forgiveness techniques or even elements of quantum physics and intuitive dance. I love to draw conclusions from every life experience, not only to consciously use my innate potential to the fullest, but also to support other people and their dogs in doing the same thing.

Most importantly, I want to help them do it without treating themselves too seriously and instead with humour and enthusiasm. No uptightness or seriousness, a smile is the most
important thing!